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LACMA Receives $500,000 for Watts Towers Conservation Project


LACMA, which seems to be holding a monopoly on current local art news, is continuing to pepper periodicals with stories of large-scale partnerships. Yesterday, the museum anounced that, after joining forces with the city of Los Angeles in efforts to conserve Simon Rodia’s folk-art masterpiece the Watts Towers,  it has received a $500,000, one-year grant from the James Irvine Foundation to execute the project.

The amount of the grant sounds especially striking when compared to the $150,000 budget originally planned by the city. The decision to partner with LACMA, whose history with the James Irvine Foundation established a more fertile ground for grand receipt, proved a solution to the city’s problem of low funds.

Portions of the grant money will be used for programming at the Watts Tower Arts Center and Charles Mingus Youth Arts Center, as well as tours and transportation to the Towers.

Find more at the LA Times.

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