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New York Times Publishes Annual Museums Section


For a comprehensive (maybe overwhelmingly) exploration of museum news, peruse the New York Times’ freshly published 2011 installment of the annual Museums Section. Featuring spotlights on promising figures at major U.S. institutions including SFMOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the incorporation of social media, future exhibitions, and plenty more, the Times thoroughly reports on museums of nearly every conceivable nature.

Click here to navigate the section or here for a condensed, art-centric version.

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ArtCrime University

Apparently even though the art world has seen a decline in sales, art CRIME is still big business. Masters programs in art crime have become popular and the NY Times just featured a great article on some of the programs and people running them.

According to Noah Charney, the director of the program and founding director of the group that sponsors it, the Association for Research Into Crimes Against Art, the time is ripe “for academic study to help inform future police enforcement.” Mr. Charney suggests that art crime was the third-highest-grossing illegal worldwide business, after drugs and weapons.

Now only if art sales was the number 3 on the list of highest grossing businesses.

Read the full article on the NY Times online.

You can also get more info on the program at artcrime.info

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Photographs // Robert Maxwell: The Originals

Since it seems that so much of the Western worlds pop-culture comes straight from the Far East, it is only fitting that world renowned fashion and editorial photographer Robert Maxwell’s latest project focused on the culture driving subjects of Japan.

His latest project for the New York Times is entitled The Originals, where he shoots iconic figures in various fields of art and design. This installment of The Originals gives us a look into the minds of Japanese tastemakers: Takashi Murakami, Rinko Kikuchi, Kabuyoshi Araki, Limi and Yohji Yamamoto, Toshio Hara and Verbal & Yoon of Ambush Design.

A continuation of Maxwell’s “Originals” series of icons, he certainly does justice to a handful of influential personalities of Japanese heritage.

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