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Meticulous Engagements @ The Shooting Gallery (4.3)

shooting gallery

The Shooting Gallery is proud to present Meticulous Engagements: New Works by Kris Kuksi and Christy Langer. Both sculptors present faraway, undiscovered worlds to explore concepts of memory and the stories we have about ourselves.

Kris Kuksi assembles wall hanging and tabletop sculptures that range from one to eleven feet in width. His surreal landscapes are home to a tiny community of characters that morph between mechanical, human, and animal forms. These mutations speak of the hidden flaws within every individual and especially of our inability to overcome them. Although society promotes the idea of normal complacency in life, Kris uses enchanting scenes to expose our lack of control and the animal within.

Kris’ material comes from collected model ships and tanks, nativity sets, trim molding, jewelry, ceiling medallions, and brass etchings. After modifying the objects to his liking, Kris layers them onto a lightweight base. Paint is applied to achieve the weathered look of gothic cathedrals, classical sculpture, art nouveau, and Baroque architecture that inspire Kuksi.

Christy Langer uses three-dimensional animal forms to illustrate the disparity between reality and remembered experience. Portrayed in a light color palette, these deformed and manipulated animals are avatars for their natural state. Christy is interested in the way that documents, records and memories become distorted over time; in the same way, her animals outline the conflict between accurate representation and mutable interpretation.

Christy’s process begins with an image or memory as a point of reference. She uses clay and aluminum wire armatures to rough out the figure’s shape and size, then tooling out the details with epoxy putty. After a series of silicone molds and hard urethane plastic castings, the form is cast in resin, reinforced with fiberglass, and painted with oils. Langer takes pride in her labor-intensive process that yields an embellished impression of reality, serving to record the subject and artist alike.
Shooting Gallery
839 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA

Opening Reception: April 3rd, 2010 from 7-11pm
Shows run through April 25th, 2010

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Art…it was everywhere…


Greg Escalante spotted this guy up on an electrical pole.


He said this mural was just started last year – it’s pretty epic.


Scott Musgrove showed me his newest bronze sculpture!


Kris Kuksi (L) poses with Scott Musgrove (R) in front of his piece at Josh Liner’s gallery.


Kris Kuksi’s sculpture.




Art dealer Paul Kopeikin in front of Deanna Templeton’s photographic installation. (thanks for the passes Paul!)

PC060059Ran into some friends from Washington, DC when I was talking to Scott Musgrove.

Kate Damon, Matt, Bebe Paz.IMG_4544

Trevor Young and Washington, DC art dealer Jamie McClellan of Civilian Art Projects, SCOPE.

IMG_4540My dear friend and Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Lucian Perkins’ punk photos were a blast from the past!

@Civilian Art Projects. Jamie said that she had sold 10 from the series.  I’m guessing it was the portfolio.

IMG_4536A very cool bronze sculpture by Jud Bergeron at Mark Wolfe Contemporary, @SCOPE.

IMG_4534Marsea Goldberg of New Image Art Gallery’s booth.

IMG_4495My buddy Charlie James in his booth with the works of Steve Lambert.

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Shows: Kris Kuksi and Candice Tripp @ Joshua Liner (11.21)


Joshua Liner gallery is pleased to present Kris Kuski’s “Beast Anthology” and Candice Tripp’s  “Tiny Drama.” The Hays, Kansas based Kuski uses “junk” to create assemblages of toy soldiers, mechanical parts and plastic skulls, among other things. The diverse elements come together to create impressively complex sculptures that touch on morality and “optimism of power.” On the other hand, Tripp works in oil and ink on canvas.  Her nineteen pieces bring to light the repression of  childhood memories.  At first the works seem almost nostalgic, but in reality they also discuss the difficulties of childhood and society’s impulse to trivialize those challenges.  Be sure to stop by the show when it opens on November 21 from 6-9 pm.

Joshua Liner Gallery
548 W.28th St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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Seen: Kris Kuksi @ Meta Gallery

Last weekend I got the chance to check out Kris Kuksi & Andrew Jones at Meta Gallery.  The show got a great turn out and the work looked excellent.  Unfortunately the gallery has a policy of no flash photography so I wasn’t able to take too many photos.  I did manage to get some decent detailed shots of Kris’ work, I couldn’t get any of Andrew’s work but you can see all the art on the Meta Gallery site.

More Images + Info »

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Kris Kuksi & Andrew Jones @ META Gallery

Kris Kuksi & Andrew Jones have a show opening next week at Meta Gallery here in Toronto.  Titled “Divine Invasion“, the show will feature new work from both artists and is sure to be a fantastic exhibition.  DailyduJour will definitely be in the house.

Below is a detailed shot of a piece Kris is submitting titled:

“General Heinrich Von Howitzerhead: The Indignation”

Divine Invasion
Kris Kuksi & Andrew Jones
Meta Gallery
May 15 – June 14 2009

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Seen: Hi-Fructose’s Overdose @ Copro Gallery

Kris Kuksi and Greg Simkins

Kris Kuksi and Greg Simkins

This past Saturday evening, Hi-Fructose magazine presented their third annual group show, Overdose, at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Dailydujour had the pleasure of taking in the opening – here’s our belated show coverage including plenty of photos.  Offering a vivid and broad overview of low brow, pop surrealist, and new contemporary art the show featured some of the most exciting talents working today including Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins (above), KMNDZ, Chris Berens, Kris Kuksi (above),  Josh Keyes,  Yosuke Ueno, Naoto Hattori, Yoskay Yamamoto, Eric Fortune, Bob Dob, and more.

The evening also served as a release party/signing for the Hi-Fructose Collected Edition box set which includes 5 art prints.  Several artists were on-hand to sign for collectors including Brandi Milne, Greg Simkins, Joe Ledbetter, and photographer extradordinaire Brian McCarty.

Overdose runs through April 25th – if you can check it out in person, if not there’s always the complete online preview.

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