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Preview: City of Fire presented by Arrested Motion (6.5)


Our friends over at Arrested Motion will present their  City of Fire group show @ Stephen Webster in Beverly Hill on Tuesday, June 5th.   The exhibition’s title alludes to the passion integral to a burgeoning career of meaningful, well-received artistic expression as showcased in the work of  Cyrcle, Thomas Doyle, Ron English, James Jean, Kid Zoom, Dave Kinsey, Mars-1, Patrick Martinez, Pedro Matos, REVOK, Rostarr, SABER, Andrew Schoultz, Jeff Soto, Judith Supine, TrustoCorp, Mark Dean Veca, Nick Walker, and Adam Wallacavage.

Arrested Motion’s ‘City of Fire’
Opening: Tuesday, June 5th (7 – 10 PM)

Stephen Webster
202 N. Rodeo Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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Preview: Young & Free (9.10)


Opening on Saturday, September 10th @ 941 Geary in SF,  ‘Young & Free’ showcases the variety and rising prominence of Australian Street Art.  Curated by Sandra Powell and Andrew King, the exhibition’s strong roster includes: Anthony Lister, Kid Zoom, Dabs & Myla, DMOTE, NEW2, Ben Frost, Meggs, Ha-Ha, Reka, RONE, Sofles and Vexta.  Featuring established stars as well as promising talent, there’s something here for almost any street art fan – lettering, character-driven murals, stencils and paste-ups. If you’re in SF, this is an easy add to your calendar.

Young & Free
Opening: Saturday, September 10th 2011 (6-9 PM)

941 Geary
941 Geary St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

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Last Chance Tour Perth to Melbourne to Sydney


Last Chance Studio member and art buddy from Perth, Australia Sean Morris recently emailed me some of his photos and a link to a really awesome national art tour they took.  They traveled around and launched 3 art exhibitions in 14 days.  Check out the photo diary - http://www.last-chance-studio.com/2010/10/excellent-adventure-tour-diary/

Last Chance Studio is an art gang from Perth, Australia, the most isolated capital city in the world. It’s the sort of town where you kinda have to make cool shit happen for yourself, ’cause it’s probably not gonna come to you. That’s pretty much why Last Chance exists. The east coast hubs of Sydney and Melbourne might traditionally be home to the nation’s most prolific artists, but out west in sleepy Perth this band of brothers have been kicking it pretty hard for about 18 months now. Established by Daek William and Kid Zoom, Last Chance began as an independant studio in a decaying main street shopfront – next to a skydiving business and a gun store – and has grown into a pretty solid collective, made up of about ten mid-20s dudes who share an general interest in painting rad stuff.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers (creepy)
Daek William
Sean Morris
Kid Zoom
Tim Rollin
Ryan Boserio

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