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‘Art in the Streets’ @ MOCA (4.17)


Ever since the initial announcement back in September, collectors, followers and practitioners  of Graffiti and Street Art have been looking forward to the Museum of Contemporary Art’s bound to be seminal ‘Art in the Streets’ expansive exhibition.   Today, the museum announced a tantalizing high-level overview of the show which opens on Saturday, April 17th @ the Geffen Contemporary in downtown Los Angeles and runs through August 8th.  After its initial LA run, the exhibition will travel to the Brooklyn Museum (March 30th – July 8th 2012).  ‘Art in the Streets’ is the first museum show to chronicle the explosive history of Graffiti and Street Art.

Organized by MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch and co-curators Roger Gastman and Aaron Rose,  Art in the Streets offers several interrelated sections designed to deliver the multiple facets, milestones and nuances  of these two emergent art forms.  Installations of 50 influential graffiti and street artists including Fab 5 Freddy, Lee Quinones, Futura, Margaret Kilgallen, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos and JR, will anchor the exhibition.   The LA exhibition will highlight the city’s contribution to both graffiti and street art with sections for cholo graffiti as well as  the ‘Dogtown’ skateboard scene.  Several local artists will be featured including Craig R. Stecyk III, Chaz Bojórquez, Mister Cartoon, RETNA, SABER, REVOK, and RISK.

Focused sections will  highlight specific seminal developments in graffiti  including Patti Astor’s Fun Gallery which introduced seminal artists Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to the broader art community in the 80’s.  Additional sections will reflect on the highly influential ‘Wild Style’ film, offer a rare look at Battle Station created by the late artist and gothic futurism theorist Rammellzee,  present the ‘Martin Wong Collection’which includes ‘black books’ and other noted works, and finally revisit ‘Street Market’ with a special LA edition of the urban street installation from Todd James, Barry McGee and Steve Powers, complete with overturned trucks.

In keeping with the goal of presenting a history of graffiti and street art, Art in the Streets will also highlight the contributions of photographers and filmmakers who documented both genres including Martha Cooper, Estevan Oriol, Gusmano Cesaretti, Terry Richardson, and Spike Jonze.

The exhibition will also feature an extensive catalog published by Skira Rizzoli and edited by Nikki Columbus.  Beyond chronicling the exhibition, the catalog will include interviews and discussions about several key historical developments including wild style, cholo graffiti and the influence of skate and punk subcultures.

It goes without saying, but for emphasis – this is a must see for anyone remotely interested in Graffiti and Street Art.

Art in the Streets
Opening: Saturday, April 17th 2011

Geffen Contemporary at MOCA
152 North Central Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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Street Artists Stage Anti-Deitch Protest


On Monday night, as a response to Jeffrey Deitch’s now-infamous decision to whitewash an anti-war, MOCA-commissioned mural by Blu, a group of street artists and war veterans assembled to perform in creative protest. Gathered at the Geffen Contemporary parking lot, the self-proclaimed activists scrawled laser graffiti onto the building’s north wall.

Artist/computer programmer Todd Moyer created the laser graffiti gun–which Leo Limon and The Phantom Street Artist (among others) used to tag the wall–specifically for the event. Written messages included “Dump Deitch.” “Give us back our walls!” “War is over?” and “Peace Now!” As a finale, the artists projected an image of the original mural, defaced with the word “censored” boldly printed in red. Each artist’s contribution reflects a common sentiment: that Deitch’s move was plainly a corporate act of control and hypocrisy.

Above is a video shot firsthand of the artists’ statements, both verbal and visual.

Find the full story at the LA Times.

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Deitch Responds to Mural Queries


Following a thoroughly examined and ironic whitewashing of a MOCA-commissioned anti-war mural, Jeffrey Deitch has responded to public criticism regarding the museum’s self-sabotaging decision.

MOCA, which requested the mural in the spirit of its approaching Art in the Street exhibition only to promptly erase it, has issued an official statement deeming the mural “inappropriate.” The mural, painted on the north wall of the Geffen Contemporary, faces the nearby Veterans Administration; the statement emphasizes this juxtaposition as the reason for the effacement. Deitch confirmed the explanation, asserting that the mural was “insensitive.”

“Look at my gallery website — I have supported protest art more than just about any other mainstream gallery in the country,” Deitch added. “But as a steward of a public institution, I have to balance a different set of priorities — standing up for artists and also considering the sensitivities of the community.”

Deitch eschews talk of censorship, but does concede to poor timing. He states that he made the decision to clear the wall without hearing any complaints and after documenting the temporarily accessible work for the exhibition catalog.

For the full story, visit the LA Times.

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MOCA Announces Plans for Julian Schnabel Retrospective


Following the Jeffrey Deitch-Julian Schnabel joint venture that was Dennis Hopper Double Standard, a MOCA exhibition dedicated to the actor’s mainly photographic body of art, Deitch has announced plans for a retrospective based on the work of his celebrated collaborator.

Though posted unofficially on Twitter by various sources, the museum’s account has confirmed the ambition to host a Schnabel show in roughly two years.

Schnabel has been an established name in the New York art scene since the 1970s, known primarily for his signature large-scale works depicting broken plates. More recently, Schnabel’s focus has shifted toward film, directing such features as 2007’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Miral, slated for a 2011 U.S. opening.

Find more at the LA Times.

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MOCA Announces 2011 Plans for Graffiti and Street Art

This week, MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch confirmed plans for the museum to host a survey of the history of graffiti and street art next year. Entitled “Art in the Streets,” Deitch claims that “a show at this level has never been done before.”

Consistent with Deitch’s history of artistic support in New York, the show will span the 1970s through present day, including such internationally recognized names as Banksy and Space Invader. However, it will most likely emphasize regional movements, such as the prominence of cholo art in the ’70s, ’80s New York Wild Style graffiti, and skateboarding-themed ’90s art.

Approximately 25 artists will create installations for the exhibition, including the pictured Mister Cartoon’s Ice Cream Truck.

Scheduled for April 2011, the show’s operators hope it will encourage new demographics to visit the museum.

Find more at Culture Monster.

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News: Impostor Jeffrey Deitch on Twitter

Picture 4

As reported earlier today by the LA Times, a twitter user, listed as @FakeDeitch is posing as an obviously fake Jeffrey Deitch and unleashing a stream of fantastic tongue-in-cheek tweets.

Examples of recent tweets:

@FakeDeitch: Anyone want to buy a Kehinde Wiley? I need a new car.

@FakeDeitch: Eli just stole my parking spot. It’s my space, asshole. I would call you a billionaire douche bag but that would be redundant.

@FakeDeitch: Do I have to bring my Koons puppy indoors? How do you say that in Spanish? / @latimes Heat wave to hit LA this weekend

Who is the impostor? Why is he/she tweeting? When will it all stop? Keep up as long as it lasts.

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Shows: Not Quite Open @ The Hole

Picture 1

From the ashes of the former Deitch Projects comes a new gallery called The Hole. Ever since Jeffrey Deitch decided to up and take over the Los Angeles MOCA rumors have flown regarding what would happen to his former army of staff and artists. Rumor no more, as former Deitch Directors Kathy Greyson and Meghan Coleman open The Hole.

Though the Hole is scheduled to open on the 26th apparently not everything is working out as it seems Kenny Scharf – who was supposed to do an installation backed out due to timing.  However things still seem to work out in the end. According to the Hole’s press release:

“The Hole is pleased to present Not Quite Open for Business, a conceptual group show of unfinished art, unfinished poems, and unfinished symphonies. The installation is designed by Taylor McKimens and the show includes over twenty artists from our community. What does a “finished” piece mean anyway? Come tell us no, no, no we are doing it all wrong it needs more yellow on June 26 when we have to open the doors, ready or not.”

Not Quite Open for Business
The Hole
104 Greene St
Friday June 26th

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‘Dennis Hopper Double Standard’ a Whirlwind Experience

Picture 1

“Dennis Hopper Double Standard,” MOCA’s first exhibition under the jurisdiction of Jeffrey Deitch, opens July 11, after a mere five-month period of assembly. This proves especially curious as most museum exhibitions can take up to five years to organize.

In an interview with the LA Times, however, Deitch explained that a number of Hopper’s works were being shipped to the museum from an exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. In addition, Hopper is lending some of his own kept early work to the exhibition.

Further aiding the museum, many of the actor/photographer’s pieces were done in editions, yielding multiples. Hopper’s work is also relatively easy to acquire, given that it was never housed in any major museums or purchased by any prominent collectors.

Fred Hoffman, who organized a show for Hopper at a Santa Monica gallery thirteen years ago, is listed as the show’s “curatorial consultant,” streamlining the show alongside curator Julian Schnabel.

Find the full story at the LA Times.

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Hitler Learns MOCA Job Goes To Jeffrey Deitch

Hitler Learns MOCA Job Goes To Jeffrey Deitch

Hitler in his bunker hopes that he will get the job as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), but is told by his senior staff that the job has gone instead to the New York art dealer Jeffrey Deitch, known for his business dealings and embrace of spectacle. Upset, Hitler lashes out at MOCA’s board of trustees, Deitch, some of Deitch’s artists (or those he admires) and the man who saved MOCA, L. A. philanthropist Eli Broad.

YouTube Preview Image

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Shepard Fairey @ Deitch Projects (5.1)

Shepard Fairey Show

Jeffrey Deitch, MOCA’s new director, announced that his New York gallery’s final exhibit will be devoted to street artist Shepard Fairey. In it, Fairey will present his “vision of America,” featuring portraits of the artist’s “American heroes:” such as Woody Guthrie and Debbie Harry as well as international political figures including Aung San Suu Kyi (above) and the Dalai Lama.  The exhibit will also feature outdoor murals.

Set to open at Deitch Projects in SoHo on May 1st, the exhibit will run through the end of month.

Find more info at the LA Times Arts Blog.

Shepard Fairey / May 1st, 2010
Deitch Projects
18 Wooster Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 941-9475

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Update: Deitch formally announced as Director of MOCA

Picture 4

As we reported earlier, it is now official. Jeffrey Deitch has been announced as the new Director of the MOCA.

From a MOCA email to members:

“Dear MOCA Supporter,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA), we are pleased to share with you the news that Jeffrey Deitch has been appointed as the museum’s new director, effective June 1.

Jeffrey Deitch is one of New York’s leading gallerists, specializing in modern and contemporary art. During his 30-year career as an independent curator, Jeffrey has produced innovative exhibitions at museums and galleries worldwide. He has also served as an art advisor to premier institutional and private collectors, building a number of major international contemporary art collections. Highly educated and experienced in art finance practices, Jeffrey will provide critical oversight for MOCA to advance its groundbreaking programming and enable the museum to thrive for years to come as the foremost institution of contemporary art.”

Read on after the jump:

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Museum News: Jeffrey Deitch to head MOCA?

Picture 1

Jerry Saltz of New York Magazine is reporting that the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art is set to announce that gallery dealer Jeffrey Deitch will be named as new Director of the MOCA. While no one questions Deitch’s brand as a powerful and influential dealer and consultant this would be nearly the first time a dealer is named to lead – and fix – a major museum.

From Saltz: “American museums usually pick directors from the curatorial or academic ranks; none have ever been run by a former gallery owner. Scolds will imagine immoral scenarios of a wolf in the fold and tut-tut over the possibility of an uncouth, craven commercial dealer trading museum treasures for market-share, making back room deals, and violating ethics. But bear in mind that MOCA desperately needs to think outside the box (as do many more museums). After mounting numerous memorable exhibitions over the decades, the museum was woefully mismanaged by its board and under-funded by the notoriously stingy Hollywood community. In 2008, it almost went under.”

MOCA does need a fix, so maybe some out of the box thinking is the way to go. More updates as they come.

Read the full article here, image courtesy of  NYMag.com

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