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Seen: How & Nosm – Late Confessions


Brooklyn-based twins How & Nosm opened ‘Late Confessions’ this past Friday evening at Jonathan Levine’s new second location in NYC. Their most ambitious gallery exhibition to-date explores struggle, survival, and resolute strength through numerous massive paintings and several installations throughout the large ground-floor space.  Here’s a detailed look at the exhibition as captured by DD friend and talented photographer, Last Witness.

While How & Nosm’s  gallery work has always impressed with their stunning level of detail and expansion of the narratives drawn from their street work, the new collection showcases their steady progression as painters, most notably in the use of subtle yet dramatic backgrounds – be it ominous clouds, a blood-red sky, or a seemingly endless maze.

The installations include a central one featuring looming rain besetting a  massive undulating black sculpture,  a 3D realization of their surreal narratives,  a room adorned with the trappings of conflict ( including arrows embedded in found wood) housing many smaller pieces and another area featuring floor-to-ceiling diamond-shaped conical projections recalling their previous ‘Reflections’ installation in the Bronx.

With each new exhibition, How & Nosm continue to refine their stunning signature street-born aesthetic and by doing so increase our appreciation for their surreal creations which relate the struggles of everyday life, and elevate our expectations for their next endeavor whether it be indoor or outdoors.

[Photography: Last Witness]

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How and Nosm — ‘Storm Predictions’ Screen Print

How and Nosm. Storm Predictions. 7 color screen print.

How and Nosm. Storm Predictions. 7 color screen print.

Known for their epic murals across the globe,  NYC graffiti artists How and Nosm have just released their very first limited-edition print ‘Storm Predictions’ based on the original painting owned by the late patron of the arts Tony Goldman.  Adding considerably to the offering, the twins have  used airbrush, india ink, collage and hand-cut stencils to heavily hand-embellished each of the fifty 7-color screen prints (24” x 24”) with their iconic imagery including birds, water drops and hearts.  The prints are available now from Paper Monster for $350 each.    This week is a big one for How and Nosm, on Friday (11.2) they will begin work on a mural on the famed Houston and Bowery wall in NYC.

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Preview: ‘Public Works’ puts Street Art on Billboards (8.4)


With their towering, highly visible locations, empty (and otherwise)  commercial billboards have always been a prime spot for graffiti and street artists to ‘get up’, albeit illegally. The ‘Public Works’ project flips the script on the status quo by having street artists work directly with major outdoor media outlets to create billboards in LA that will not advertise the latest blockbuster or the hottest jeans, but rather showcase street art.  Organized by Daniel Lahoda of LaLa Arts / La Freewalls and Rick Robinson of Macdonald Media, the project will feature printed and hand-painted signs from  a top-flight roster: How & Nosm, Insa, Push, Revok, Risk, Ron English, Seen, Shepard Fairey, Trustocorp, WCA Crew, Uglar, and Zes.

The project will kick off with a gallery show @ LaLa  Arts (8.3 –8.17) and continue with periodic installation of the outdoor signs beginning in August through the end of the year.  This milestone project will benefit Art Share LA, a charitable organization engaging youth through arts education.   After the jump, we have a small preview of some of Public Works billboard designs.  Also to get a better feel for the project, check out a teaser of an upcoming short-film by Jason Wawro.


Public Works

Outdoor Installation — Throughout LA from 8.1 through the end of the year.

Gallery Opening: Friday, August 3rd (7 to 10 PM)
LaLa Arts

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How & Nosm’s ‘Living in the Bottle’ Mural @ LA Weekly


Over  roughly a week or so, we’ve been bringing you regular progress updates on How & Nosm’s massive ‘Living in the Bottle’ mural on the front of the LA Weekly building in Culver City. Now, here’s a look at the complete piece which the twins apparently finished on Sunday.  The aquatic themed piece done in their signature red, white, black + pink palette  features multiple bottles within one giant bottle tied together by the flow of liquid and a tight diamond pattern.  Each bottle is packed with dense detail including all manners of fish as well as traditional folk and smaller references to modern society including vehicles.  The level of detail and the smaller scale (relative to the wall) rewards a close-up, prolonged viewing.  The new wall offers murals nested within murals. Enjoy the tight detail shots after the jump and also take a look back at our preview updates to see additional detail photos.

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How & Nosm – LA Weekly Mural Day 5


So I’ve been just a wee bit obsessed with How & Nosm’s ongoing mural at the LA Weekly building with multiple visits and progress updates.   Though I wasn’t able to make it out to the site on Thursday, Friday’s visit revealed a full constellation of bottles filled with the twins’ signature imagery  blended in surreal fashion and dipped in their sparse black, red and pink palette.  The jump in progress is due in part to late hours spent aboard the 60-ft lift including a 16 hour run on Thursday that saw the brothers painting 5+ hours after sundown.  Now that the bottles are mostly complete, the next step is the background fill which will include a heavy red flow from right to left. This one will be a sight to behold once it’s complete.

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How & Nosm – LA Weekly Mural Day 3


After a mostly rained out Tuesday, How & Nosm were back at their large mural  at the LA Weekly building on Wednesday (call it Day 3).  Each trip out to the in-progress piece is exciting with the promise of new, incremental discoveries. This time out the twins had finished the bottle on the left bottom, added a medium sized bottle  and a small one in the middle of the left section as well as a large one in the adjacent middle section.  While each bottle has a different visual layout rendered in the artists’ signature white, red, black + pink palette, there’s an emphasis on aquatic life  as a lens for their recurring theme of the destructive nature of capitalism endangering and subjugating both the common man and nature.

Selecting, editing and assembling the images for this post has served as a reminder of the layered nature of How and Nosm’s work. Viewing one of their pieces is at first an astonishing experience in which the  scope  and scale overwhelms the eyes and the mind. The interpretive challenge comes while focusing in on the individual elements, blended together in surreal fashion.  While at first disoriented,  one finds recognizable and familiar objects amidst the sea of imagery to use as starting points in the discovery that awaits. Slowly one gains a growing sense of the broad narrative threads as well as an appreciation of the twins’ visual phrasing and language, presented in ambitious detail.

While there are several days of work left, the overall design is starting to take form.  Once the bottles are laid out across the entire front of the building, How & Nosm will make a second pass filling in all the blank/white areas until the piece is as densely packed as one of their paintings.

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How & Nosm: In-Progress Mural @ LA Weekly


How & Nosm are back in LA.  First up is a large mural on the on the front of the LA Weekly building.  To our knowledge, the twins’ piece will be the third piece to grace the building following Invader’s installation on the far end and Ben Eine’s previous crossword piece.   After a day of painting the front of the building white, How & Nosm completed the first upper left section just before sundown on Sunday.  The theme of the piece will flow across the building from left to right with water spilling from bottles.   Each project brings with it a new set of challenges – in this case those include carefully navigating the 60-foot lift along a narrow, slightly sloped sidewalk, bit by bit and also maneuvering the lift basket carefully so as to avoid momentum-based bumps into the building and/or its numerous glass windows. Look for more updates in the coming days.

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Kings of New York Interview: How & Nosm

YouTube Preview Image

Long before their relatively newfound ‘Street Art’ popularity stemming from their strikingly complex murals (LA: 4.11, 10.11. MIA 12.10, 12.11 – 1 and 2) : done in red+white+black, graffiti twins How and Nosm (TATS CRU) were widely recognized as talented writers and subsequently ‘kings’  from their work worldwide on walls and trains. Looking back at the beginning, the Kings of New York has released a new video interview with How & Nosm detailing their introduction to graffiti, the origin of their names, the early days and the pragmatic motivation for their current primary style [Kings of New York via 12ozProphet].

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Preview: ‘Street Art Saved My Life’ (8.12)


Brooklyn Street Art, in collaboration with Thinkspace, will present ‘Street Art Saved My Life: 39 New York Stories’ with an opening on Friday, August 12th @ C.A.V.E. in Venice. Curated by BSA’s Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo, the exhibition offers  work from 39 artists selected for their creativity, skill and body of work.  The lineup includes Anthony Lister, Avoid, Broken Crow, C215, Cake, Chris Stain, Clown Solider, Creepy, Dan Witz, El Sol 25, Ema, Faile, Futura, GAIA, GILF!, Hargo, Hellbent, How & Nosm, Imminent Disaster, Indigo, Judith Supine, Kid Acne, Know Hope, LUDO, Mark Carvalho, Miss Bugs, Nick Walker, Nohjcoley, Over Under, Radical!, Rene Gagno, Skewville, Specter, Sweet Toof, Swoon, Tip Toe, Troy Lovegates aka Other, Various & Gold and White Cocoa.

In the spotlight created by MOCA’s ‘Art in the Streets’, many galleries have offered  group shows in LA promoting different visions of what is purported to be ‘quality’ or even ‘the best’ street art.  Unlike many pretenders that have come before it, ‘Street Art Saved My Life’ is the real deal and definitely worth a visit.

Street Art Saved My Life
Opening: Friday August 12th, 2011 (6-10 PM)

C.A.V.E. Gallery
1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

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Seen: Dabs Myla & How and Nosm — ‘Cream of the Crop’


Dabs Myla & How and Nosm have almost completed ‘Cream of the Crop’ — a massive mural on 3rd and Traction in Downtown LA, produced by Daniel Lahoda’s LA Freewalls Project.  Generating plenty of buzz, the wall features a split-open Mickey by How and Nosm with their signature must-be-seen to be believed intricate style and Dabs Myla’s larger-than-life cute yet mischievous characters.

While we’ve included a large number of detail shots of How and Nosm’s contribution, the continuous play of scale and images-within-images in their work demand in-person viewing to take it all in.  The German twins’ work rewards multiple viewings as each square foot is packed with detail and elements from multiple storylines.   With serious skills and amazing work ethic, How & Nosm are set for big things in the coming year with at least two solos in LA and a potentially high-profile show on the East Coast.

With MOCA’s ‘Art in the Streets’  mega-show on everyone’s mind, this piece offers a small yet powerful reminder of what’s been lost along the way — check the detail shots (after the jump).

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Update: How & Nosm


We first learned about street artist twins How & Nosm through their massive wall done during Art Basel Miami last December.  Rocking a Brazilian motif blending old and new, the twins have kept busy on the streets with a large mural done with Thunderdog’s Tristan Eaton in NYC during Armory Week (above).   Not confined to the streets, How & Nosm will be showing in LA galleries shortly.  In fact, Thinkspace now has two excellent and intricate pieces available for purchase – shown after the jump.  As you might guess, How & Nosm are in LA and we hear they’re keepin’ busy…

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Seen: How & Nosm for Primary Flight in Miami


Bear with us as we unwind our memory cards from Art Basel Miami.  As we mentioned before, amazing walls were around every corner in the Wynwood district thanks in no small part to the efforts of Primary Flight.  Perhaps our favorite of the new walls for 2010 is this masterpiece by NYC-based twins How & Nosm within the Kohn  compound (24th st and 2nd av). Completed in roughly 30 hours, the epic scene unfolds on the massive wall in the twins’ signature red, white + black motif.  The constant play with interlocking and varying scales gives the piece both an immediacy and a broad vision.   While at the time it seemed like we had plenty of detail shots, the reality is that eye-catching details abound throughout the piece.

How & Nosm’s wall drew plenty of photographers including what appeared to be an enterprising fashion shooter. At first the thought of a model in a bikini ‘getting in the way’ of our photographs was amusing, though the angry admonitions from the photographer to those of us with  ‘professional cameras’ were  quite unwelcome.   After a bit of reflection, the situation  left us wondering if the artists were receiving compensation for the commercial photographs.

If you’re in the Miami area, be sure to check out How & Nosm’s superb mural.

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