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Seen: Henry Lewis and Adam Wallacavage @ Corey Helford


Corey Helford recently opened two solo shows – Henry Lewis’ ‘The Absence of Light’ and Adam Wallacavage’s ‘Dreamhome Heartaches’.  Hung jointly in the main gallery, Wallcavage’s one-of-a-kind chandeliers, featuring animal skulls and sculpted octopi, float above Lewis’ bold paintings mixing dark fantasy and social commentary with his own unique flair including the use of calligraphy.  Both shows run through Wednesday  April 6th 2011.

Henry Lewis and Adam Wallacavage
Through Wednesday April 6th 2011.

Corey Helford Gallery
8522 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

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Interview: Henry Lewis


[Tattoo artist and painter Henry Lewis will open his ‘Absence of Light’ solo @ Corey Helford on Saturday, March 19th (7-10 PM). With his upcoming opening, we thought it would be a great time to bring you Amanda Erlanson’s insightful interview with Henry Lewis from 2010, done as  part of the Heroes and Villains project.]

Amanda Erlanson: You grew up in Pasadena, breakdancing, graffiti writing, and looking for any outlet to escape the tedium of high school and everyday life. Tell me a bit about your childhood and your family.

Henry Lewis: I come from a family of 14, consisting of 7 brothers and 6 sisters. We grew up poor. My mother went to the Fashion Institute, and my father was a musician. They met at one of his concerts in Los Angeles, settled down in Pasadena, and decided to raise quite a large family – the ‘60s was a crazy time, I guess.

I had a great childhood until I got to school, where I was forced to deal with the pressures of youth, mixed with racism and classism. I never really found a niche with the kids at my school, due to class and color. I was pretty quiet, and the only outlet I found comforting, no matter what, was art. My parents always encouraged creativity. My father worked as a carpenter, so at any given time we could find scraps of wood to make our own toys out of. His leftover mortar was used to make our own statues… I think he would leave the materials out on purpose for us to mess with.

I was a big fan of Ray Harryhausen, who was a character animator who did The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger. I was always keen on monster movies. The greatest movie was Clash of the Titans, which changed my life as child. Greek and Roman mythology caught my eye at a young age, and I remember excelling in the subject of history in school because I was eager to learn about those subjects.

On my time off after homework, I would listen to my dad play his trumpet, and doodle as he played. He was never interested in the subject of mythology, but he always encouraged me to draw. He thought I should base my drawings off reality. So to encourage me to learn how to draw from life, my mother showed me a book by John James Audubon. I became infatuated with all types of birds, in all shapes and sizes, after studying that book.

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Shows: Henry Lewis @ FFDG

Picture 2

Tattoo artist and standout painter Henry Lewis opens a new show at San Francisco’s iconic Fecal Face dot Gallery. Lewis has been known for his amazing tattoo inspired oil paintings, but it looks like the new body of work is all in black and white.

According to FFDG: “Henry’s creative lust is drawn from his personal experiences as well as those of his peers and strangers alike; he is inspired by themes of strength, passion, love and loss. Lewis’s paintings are breathing collections of life experiences, culture clashes and raw emotion elegantly draped in Baroque silk shadows.”

Henry Lewis
Saturday, January 9th, 6-9pm
Fecal Face Gallery
66 Gough St. San Francisco

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Seen: Worlds on Fire

I know everyone already wrote up the Worlds on Fire show from a few weeks ago, but I finally had time to add my own pics. Had a great time with the project crew, and even got an autograph from Platinum Plus as he came off the step and repeat…

Henry Lewis and Travis Louie both had fantastic pieces in the show. Henry’s piece looked like Kehinde Wiley lite.

I keep running into Brainwash. His Jay-Z was pretty hot…and made out of broken albums.

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Seen: Family First @ White Walls SF

“Family First” is a group show that just opened at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Work by artists the gallery has shown and supported over the past few years can be seen; Shepard Fairey, Richard Colman, Henry Lewis, Sylvia Ji, Shawn Barber, Ian Francis, Mike Giant and many others. The show has a killer lineup, and was an opportunity for me to see Shawn Barber and Ian Francis’ work in person for the first time.

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