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Seen: LA Art Show

Friday night DD attended the LA Art Show. The show probably would have been more impressive had we not just come from Art Basel in Miami a few weeks ago. Certainly a handful of impressive work, but not anywhere close to the scale and “bling” of Miami. Galleries were pulling out all the stops in Miami, but seemed to be just trying to mitigate their costs here in LA. No one seemed to be beaming as bright as DJ Hall’s photo-realistic ladies (pictured above).

After arriving early it seemed to be a light crowd for a Friday evening, until the GenArt “Art of Fashion” event started kicking in to gear. With well placed bars and Don Julio tequila tasting stations placed around the convention center, the crowd swelled quickly. While not as shiny as the Miami Fair, with over 130 galleries participating in LA, the show still had plenty of work to view including pieces from Damien Hirst, Crash and a selection of Chinese pop-art stars.

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