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Book Release: Nick Pope

Nick 2I’ve collaborated with the artist Christopher Darling on an illustrated diary project. I’ve written the text of the diary, from the perspective of Nick Pope, a troubled high school sophomore in 1987. Nick is an aspiring artist, born with deep birthmarks around both of his eyes, who is struggling with depression, a teacher who is sexually harassing him, and parents whose marriage is threatened by the release of the film “Fatal Attraction.”

Christopher illustrated the diary for his thesis project at the School of Visual Arts.We are both really proud of this very special project. See this post about a recent exhibition of pages from the diary.

We have published a limited run first edition, which is available for sale for $25, including shipping. It is 7.5″ by 9″ and 160 pages. Some sample pages follow. Ordering information and more sample pages can be found on my website. We are currently seeking a publisher for an even bigger run. Thanks for taking a look!

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Nick Pope @ Exquisite Corpse Gallery (12.7)

NickPOPE_PosterExquisite Corpse Gallery in Kalamazoo, MI will be showing pages from Nick Pope: A Graphic Diary this Friday, Dec. 7 from 5-8 pm. I wrote the diary manuscript, which traces the life of a troubled high school sophomore for three months in the fall of 1987. Christopher Darling designed and illustrated the diary, and we’ve created a very special story that I think everyone will really respond to.

Check out sample pages from the diary here, and see more of Christopher Darling’s beautiful work here.

We are publishing a limited first edition run of Nick Pope, and copies will be available for sale soon!

Exquisite Corpse Gallery: Park Trades Center/Studio 301/326 W. Kalamazoo Ave/Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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Animation: “Robert Johnson: Devilish Detail”

Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson: Devilish Detail,” an awesome new animation which celebrates the 100th birthday of the late bluesman Robert Johnson, features drawings by my friend and collaborator Christopher Darling. Sony has released a new box set of Johnson’s late 1930s recordings, and the animation explores the myth behind the influential musician’s short life. You can watch the video here.

Christopher Darling and I have also created Nick Pope, an illustrated diary which traces three months in the life of a troubled high school sophomore (and aspiring artist) in 1987. You can check out sample pages here.

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Preview: School of Visual Arts Thesis Show

September 8, 1987

The School of Visual Arts will display Selected Works from MFA Illustration as Visual Essay from April 30-May 15 in Manhattan. I’ve collaborated with student Christopher Darling on a graphic diary, Nick Pope, which traces the everyday life of a high school sophomore in 1987. I wrote the diary and Christopher designed and illustrated it. We aim to find a publisher this summer.

A reception will be held Tuesday, May 4, from 6-8 pm, at:

601 W. 26th Street, 15th Floor

New York, NY 10001

(212) 592-02145

I hope you can stop by and check out the work of Christopher and his talented classmates.

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