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Street Art Panel @ Fowler (1.13)


In light of both the recent MOCA-Blu faceoff and an episode in which New York street artists tagged a Kenny Scharf mural, this Thursday, UCLA’s Fowler Museum of Cultural History will host “How Does Street Art Humanize Cities?”, a panel exploring the concept of propriety in street art and its effect on the city in which it is placed.

The panel will coincide with the closing week of the museum’s exhibition of Larry Yust’s photographs of metropolitan street art. Moderated by LA Times arts writer Jori Finkel, the panel will feature Fowler curator Patrick Polk, who organized the Yust show; independent curator Aaron Rose, who is helping organize the upcoming MOCA street art survey; and two of Los Angeles’s best-known muralists: Man One and Retna.

Find more here.

How Does Street Art Humanize Cities?
Thursday, 1.13, 7:00 p.m.
Fowler Museum of Cultural History
North Campus, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90095

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Deitch Responds to Mural Queries


Following a thoroughly examined and ironic whitewashing of a MOCA-commissioned anti-war mural, Jeffrey Deitch has responded to public criticism regarding the museum’s self-sabotaging decision.

MOCA, which requested the mural in the spirit of its approaching Art in the Street exhibition only to promptly erase it, has issued an official statement deeming the mural “inappropriate.” The mural, painted on the north wall of the Geffen Contemporary, faces the nearby Veterans Administration; the statement emphasizes this juxtaposition as the reason for the effacement. Deitch confirmed the explanation, asserting that the mural was “insensitive.”

“Look at my gallery website — I have supported protest art more than just about any other mainstream gallery in the country,” Deitch added. “But as a steward of a public institution, I have to balance a different set of priorities — standing up for artists and also considering the sensitivities of the community.”

Deitch eschews talk of censorship, but does concede to poor timing. He states that he made the decision to clear the wall without hearing any complaints and after documenting the temporarily accessible work for the exhibition catalog.

For the full story, visit the LA Times.

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Blu Mural for MOCA Whitewashed


In an abrupt and still-inconclusive series of events, MOCA has apparently turned on itself. As a prelude to Art in the Street, the museum’s heralded upcoming street art exhibition, Italian artist Blu fully covered the north-facing wall of the Geffen Contemporary with a mural.  Shortly after the artist had completed the work, however, the museum began to whitewash the wall.

The piece depicted a series of coffins draped with one-dollar bills, a blatant replacement of the traditional display of the American flag during military funerals. Los Angeles Downtown News speculates that this may have proven offensive to the nearby Veterans Administration health care building, but the organization states that no complaints were made to MOCA. So far, MOCA has made no public statements regarding the erasure.

Find more here.

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Blu – ‘Big Bang Big Boom’ Stop-motion Video


Not only does Blu make insanely large wall murals he also uses his tremendous skills as the building-blocks to create expansive stop-motion videos featuring his art moving across the urban landscape.  While Muto is currently his signature video, his new Big Bang Big Boom piece might very well eclipse the popularity of that earlier piece.  This new video (perhaps the term ‘short film’ might be more appropriate) presents Blu’s illustrated recreation of evolution from cosmic elements right up through the tumultuous times of man and beyond to his vision of a likely ‘end’.

The new piece is remarkable in both the scale (sheer number of creatures and elements) and duration (nearly 10 minutes) as well as the level of interaction with the physical world.  Blu is at the forefront of this new form of hybrid  art which enables street art to convey an expansive narrative in a unique manner that would otherwise not be possible.  The video was produced by ARTSH.it which is also handling the distribution duties.

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Blu in Madrid


Italian street artist Blu has just completed a large building mural in Madrid featuring his own take on the city’s coat of arms.  Created at the invitation of the collective who have inhabited esta es una plaza”, a previously abandoned building, Blu’s piece calls into question the pace of urban development and its costs.  While the policia were called, all seems to have ended more less  well as Blu was able to complete the piece. [Via Blu's Blog via Nuart]

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Urban Superstar 2010: Back from Black @ MADRE in Naples, Italy (5.1)

The Urban Superstar 2010 Festival conceived by Italian artist  showcases  new contemporary art  within the walls of Naples’ MADRE museum for four separate shows through the end of the year.  The Festival starts with the Back from Black group show opening on May 1st with some of the brightest talents working in the pop surrealism, low brow, and underground art genres.  Looks to be an excellent show with many standout pieces.  Hit the jump for a preview.

Back in Black Artist Roster:

Amy Sol, Anthony Ausgang, Alberto Corradi, AlePOP, Alessandro Rak, Prof. Bad Trip, (Gianluca Lerici), Basil Wolverton, Bigfoot, Blu, Boris Hoppek, Brendan Danielsson, Buff Monster, Camilla D’Errico, Camilla Falsini, Catalina Estrada, Cesko, Charles Burns, Ciou, Daniel Clowes, Dave Cooper, Dave McKean, DEM, Diavù (David Vecchiato), Fidia, Francesca Ghermandi, Gary Baseman, Gary Taxali, Gianluca Costantini, Gilbert Shelton, Gio Pistone, Glenn Barr, Hitnes, Ian Stevenson, Jamie Hewlett, Jeremy Fish, Jim Avignon, Joe Ledbetter, Jon Burgerman, Laurina Paperina, Licia Viero, Lina Hoven, Lisa Petrucci, Marco About, Massimo Giacon, Matti Hagelberg, Michael Sieben, Mike Davis, Mr. Wany, Paper Resistance, Paul Chatem, Ray Caesar, Robert Crumb, Scarful, Sergio Mora, Shag, Squaz, Tara McPherson, Tokidoki (Simone Legno), Victor Castillo, Zelda Bomba, Zoe Lacchei.

Back from Black
Opening: Saturday May 1st, 2010
Via Settembrini 79
80139 Napoli Italy

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Video: Blu and David Ellis


See something fantastic today; street artists Blu and David Ellis used tag animation to collaborate a new video called “Combo.” It is mind blowing and reflects a truly great deal of imagination. This piece and video was created for the Fame Festival which just wrapped in Italy.

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