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Shows: Blinky Palermo Retrospective @ LACMA


Blinky Palermo, a lauded figure in the European post-war abstract school, has never been widely recognized in the U.S. A new retrospective of the artist’s work currently on display at LACMA, however, aspires to change that.

Palermo’s most famed work in Europe includes minimal, monochromatic paintings and “fabric paintings,” or lengths of colored material stitched and stretched over a frame. Expanding upon these, Blinky Palermo: Retrospective 1964-1977, examines Palermo’s four principal groups of work after his graduation from Germany’s Dusseldorf Art Academy in 1964: the Objects, Cloth Pictures, documentation of in situ Wall Paintings and Drawings, and late Metal Pictures.

This is the first comprehensive retrospective of the German artist’s work in the U.S. Its run at LACMA marks the first location of its national tour.

Visit LACMA for more information.

Blinky Palermo: Retrospective 1964-1977
5905 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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