Preview: Rob Sato & Kris Chau – Raw Kindgom at Copro (6.22)

Rob Sato. 33" x 26". Watercolor on Arches.Kris Chau. Spirit Maiden. 21" x 19". Ink on Canson.

Rob Sato and Kris Chau will open their joint show, ‘Raw Kingdom’ @ Copro Gallery in Santa Monica on Saturday (6.22).  Rob’s new body of artwork centers around a tribe of tall, apparently nomadic ‘earthlings’ as they wander, inhabit and exist.  Done in his signature water color style and medium, the new pieces play with notions of time as does much of his work; the scenes evoke a rural past while the characters themselves have a vaguely robotic/futuristic look.  Created in a mix of ink and watercolors, Kris Chau’s pieces seem to explore a mystical  realm in which the spirits of man (alive and passed) and animal are interwoven and connected.  The juxtaposed and layered compositions are nicely complimented by Chau’s poetic ruminations.

In celebration of their new show, both artists have created 3 color leterpress prints with Basement Press.  Both Rob’s ‘Earthlings’ (70, pcs, 10” x 8”, $45) and Kris’s ‘Ridefast’ (70 pcs, 10” x 8”, $45) compliment the original work from the show with related imagery. Both prints are available for pre-order now and will ship after the opening.

Rob Sato & Kris Chau || ‘Raw Kingdom’
Opening: Saturday, June 22nd 2013 (8 – 11:30 PM)

Copro Gallery
Bergamot Station
7525 Michigan Ave T5
Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Seen: EINE — ‘Innocence’ at CHG Circa


For this past Saturday’s (6.15) opening of ‘Innocence’, UK street artist EINE transformed CHG Circa in Culver City into a Victorian-era subway with tagged brick walls and archways lined with his classic letter phrase pieces as well as a new collection of stencil-based paintings.  The new style pieces focus on Vandalism as a means of circumventing state surveillance and control (a very timely subject given recent revelations about the NSA’s activities).  Adding to the ambience of a narrow, cramped, dimly lit subway – several of the pieces feature spot GID paint for an entirely new viewing experience.  This new visually arresting show will only add to EINE’s considerable rise, building on his recent ‘Gallery in the Air’ on Virgin Atlantic  and his upcoming Louis Vuitton project.   If you missed the opening, it’s definitely worth a visit to enjoy EINE’s new work as well as his atmospheric installation.

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D*Face “I never really liked the term Street Art”


What is it about sticker art that interested you as a young artist?

I’ve always been fascinated with stickers, really since a kid who skateboarded, there was always something about the smell of the UV ink on vinyl, the idea of being able to use them to customize your board or ramp or whatever, so stickers have always been part of my life blood, it wasn’t’ until later did I start to realizes they were a really perfect medium for self expression, the ideal vehicle for getting your work out in the public domain, with the widest possible reach but minimum risk, perfect for the CCTV cities we’re living in. Those early hand drawn characters with an N50 marker pen on stolen vinyl from the hardware store were the catalyst for bigger schemes and dreams!!


What influenced your decision to study graphic design?

I kind of fell into that path, to be honest I had literally used up all my education avenues, I’d been to college for retakes, studied photography and literally wasted the opportunities, so as a last resort and in a last ditch attempt to not having to get a job, I applied for a course to study animation, figuring that my folio of sketches and characters might bag me a place… I was incredibly lucky, because both my parents had given up on me at this point and asked at their respective jobs if I could get work, luckily the interviewee liked my work and said I’d be perfect for the course. It was only when I started did I realize the course was combined Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation, it was at that point did all my interests collide and it became clear this was the very thing I’d been looking for.

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LOS ANGELES, CA: New Image Art is pleased to present, “Tonight, We Fight!” a group show curated by Luke Pelletier, featuring Ben Jensen, Dillon Froelich, Eric McHenry, John Malta, Luke Pelletier, Michael Hsiung, Mildred, Miles Jackson, Nathan Brown, Pacolli, Sean Morria, Teddy Kelly and Yarrow Slaps, opening Saturday, June 22, 7pm-10pm. A group art exhibition that explores the conflicts, compromises, shared opportunities, collaborations, and joint efforts, or lack there of, involved in working, alongside others, towards a common goal. There will be a limited edition zine at the opening that includes work from all of the artists.


7 – 10 PM

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Eine — ‘Innocence’ @ CHG Circa (6.15)

001-Eine_Vandalism lores 1000

CHG Circa will present the celebrated, lettered, stencied street art of EINE with ‘Innocence’, opening on Saturday (6.15). Known for his crisp, precise, colorful, and smart text murals,  the UK artist will present a new collection of  work exploring vandalism as a reaction to the  societal status quo, as an ironic comment on his artwork and practice and as a reflection of the tension between free expression and control.    An elaborate urban subway installation will serve as a dramatic and fitting backdrop for the exhibition.

EINE || ‘Innocence’
Opening: Saturday, June 15th 2013

CHG Circa
8530 A Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232

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Illustrator: Maude White


I’m proud to have my short story “The Girl Who Was Struck By Lightning” published in the newest issue of Carrier Pigeon, featuring beautiful cut paper illustrations by Maude White. Check out this great recent post by Illustration Concentration on Maude’s work, and see more of my own art here.


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Self-Interview: Michael Alan Alien


Michael Alan Alien is one of the hardest-working creative souls I know. For a change of pace on Daily DuJour, I asked this NYC-based artist, musician and poet to interview himself. His questions, answers, and some samples of his work follow. You can see more at his website.


Talking to myself. Because giving yourself therapy is cheaper.

1. Michael Alan alien, where are you going in life? What are your plans, dreams, and high hopes as a tripped out, bizarre young man-alien?
This question is really vague. It’s like asking me when I first started drawing or what I think about while I make work. I have to answer since this project calls for me to answers my own questions. I don’t know what life is, I don’t believe in words, definitions, or roles, minds change like the weather, Therefore, for most of the day I’m in a dreamlike state trying to access and understand this place that I am in.

2. How do you feel about art in the 2013 century?

We have gained the abundance, the gold rush, a plague, the sea of shit, fake hookers, and a zillion terrible galleries. It’s like Quentin Tarrantino coming out with Reservoir Dogs and being completely underground and then getting so big  that his movies are now mass consumable crap. Like when the toilet bowl was first invented it was great. Now it’s a bowl of shit.

3. Drive, dedication, sacrifice?
When the German expressionists, surrealists, dada were being bombed by Hitler and making work about life and death, there was nothing else. The last of great art that I’ve seen. It’s personally unfortunate that I grew up in a space that allows me to understand loss, pain and access real pain, but good for the art, and that is the drive.

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Juan Muniz Video Interview

YouTube Preview Image

[Daniel Rolnik (‘world’s happiest art critic’) recently had the opportunity to interview Las Vegas artist Juan Muniz about the origins of his signature sad bunny character, his background and more.  The video is part of an ongoing series focusing on new contemporary/low brow/pop surrealist artists.  Enjoy the interview and Daniel’s write up below].

Juan Muniz paints all day, everyday. It’s his living and he’s doing great. In his own words “I can show in galleries, make designer toys, do commercial work, and more.” In fact two of the people he mentioned to me off-camera as being his inspirations that exemplify this are Johnny Cupcakes and Luke Chueh. Johnny Cupcakes has taken a simple ‘cupcakes and crossbones’ design and turned it into a best-seller with his faux-bakeries that sell T-shirts and various merchandise. While, Luke Chueh blew up in the eve of social messaging when thousands of kids used his bear character as their avatars – promoting the artist in a brilliant-yet-unintentional-way, and has since transitioned fully into the fine art world. In fact, over the years Juan has become friends with both artists and even did a two-person exhibit with Luke Chueh in Vegas where they collaborated on a couple paintings. There’s a cameo of Luke Chueh’s painting of Juan Muniz’s bunny character Felipe within the first minute of the video interview. It’s funny because you’d think that Juan would be a party guy, living in Vegas and all. But he’s actually a family man whose idea of fun is taking his wife and kids to Six Flags in LA. In fact, he missed his first opening reception in Los Angeles because he was doing exactly that!

2013 is an exciting year for Juan. Since January, he’s already had a show in New York, completed a mural for Zappo’s offices, finished all of the paintings for the house contestants will stay in on the SpikeTV reality show: The Ultimate Fighter, a rebrand for the biggest candy company in the world, original works for a solo show at Flower Pepper Gallery that opens on June 15th, and the main graphics for the AFAN Aids Walk in Vegas hosted by Penn & Teller that ended up appearing on all of the mega-screens on the strip. Plus, there’s still more I can’t even mention yet. Damn!

-Daniel Rolnik

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Gary Baseman’s ‘Mythical Creatures’ Talk @ the Skirball Center (5.22)


In conjunction with his milestone career survey exhibition, ‘The Door is Always Open’, Gary Baseman will present his ‘Mythical Creatures’ talk @ the Skirball Center on Wednesday (5.22 @ 8 PM).  Baseman will share his experiences from his recent trip to his late parents’ hometowns in present day Ukraine which were subjugated by Nazi Germany during WWII.   During his trip, Baseman tried to reconcile  the history of the  rich vibrant Jewish communities that once were with the current cities largely devoid of traces of Holocaust victims. His ‘Mythical Creatures’  are an artistic interpretation and response to  stories of tragedy and courage in and around the  the towns forever linked to his family’s biography.  During the talk, Baseman will also provide a sneak peek of a documentary of his trip as well as an animated MOCAtv video of his Buckingham Warrior,  an allegorical character based on his father’s efforts as a heroic freedom-fighter.

Tickets for the talk are available online and will be available at the door as well.  The Door is Always Open exhibit and the museum gift store will be open to visitors from (6-8PM) prior to the talk.

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Seen: Brendan Monroe @ Richard Heller Gallery

Monroe 12Brendan Monroe does awesome work — there’s no two ways about it. “Melting Into the Floor,” a new exhibition of his paintings and sculptures in wood, is proof of it. The show opened Saturday at Richard Heller Gallery in Bergamot Station, and features Monroe’s exploration of figures just before they dissolve and change into fully abstract states. Beautiful use of color and a boundless imagination are just two of this artist’s strengths.

Check out high-quality images of the show here. It runs through June 15.

Richard Heller Gallery: 2525 Michigan Ave. #B-5a/Santa Monica, CA 90404

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Seen: “High Five” @ C.A.V.E. Gallery

CAVE 25C.A.V.E. Gallery is celebrating their five year anniversary with “High Five” – currently on display through June 2.

The show features an impressive lineup of artists from the United States and abroad, including Alec Huxley, Amanda Marie, Anthony Ausgang, Bayo, Craig “SKIBS” Barker, Craww, DevNGosha, Eatcho, Grady Gordon, Hans Haveron, Haunted Euth, Hellbent, J Shea, James Bentley, Jason Hernandez, John Park, JoKa, Joshua Charles Hart, Kid Acne, Kyle Hughes Odgers, L Croskey, Macsorro, Max Neutra, Mear One, Megz Majewski, Muneera Gerald, Nathan Cartwright, Nom Kinnear King, Pure Evil, Randy Norborikawa, Restitution Press, Shark Toof, Sit, Skount, Tatiana Suarez, Tom French, Tom Haubrick, Vinz Feel Free, Walt Hall, Young Chun and Zach Johnsen.

Click here for more information and high-quality images!

C.A.V.E. Gallery: 1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd/Venice, CA 90291

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Making Christine Wu’s ‘Bliss’ Print Edition


A few weeks ago, Dailydujour had the opportunity to observe LA painter Christine Wu working with master printer Ryan McIntosh on her upcoming limited-edition ‘Bliss’ screen print.  A composite of her original art, the print image features a  contemplative siren in  three layered poses set against a textured gold background. In the shots after the jump, you’ll see Christine and Ryan working through the selection of the ‘just right’ shade of gold ink, cutting Rubylith to isolate the background, and then printing the background.  Rather than using a background screen with a specific texture, Ryan used a masking screen and carefully varied the pressure across the screen to get a nuanced effect.  Through the process Christine guided Ryan as to what was ‘too heavy’ or ‘too light’ until they found a happy medium.  The result is a compelling print edition in which the background texture  on one is different from the next; each print is unique, a rarity for screened editions.

Christine’s ‘Bliss’ (18” x 18”, 5 color screen print, edition of 40) is part  of the Pop Print screen print collection curated and produced by Intellectual Property Prints, a collaboration between Daniel Rolnik and Ryan McIntosh. The collection features prints from select artists  including  Gary Baseman, Jason Shawn Alexander, Bob Dob,  Daniel Edwards, Gregory Siff, Eric Joyner, Ryan McIntosh, and Michael Sieben.  As an unexpected touch, most of the prints  are based on original art created specifically for the collection.  The Pop Print collection will be released at the Venice Art Walk on Sunday, May 19th ( 12-5 PM).  Fifty percent of the proceeds from the prints sold at the art walk will be donated to further the work of the Venice Family Clinic.   From what I’ve seen so far, the Pop Print series is outstanding.  If you can, head out to Venice this Sunday to enjoy the art, the weather and the first chance to add the new screen prints to your collection.

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Shows: Selfish @Katherine Cone Gallery Opens 5/4/13

Selfish Flier

CULVER CITY, CA: Katherine Cone Gallery’s group exhibition SELFISH, curated by renowned painter Sean Cheetham, opens Saturday, May 4th from 6-9 pm. The exhibition includes self-portrait paintings by artists Sean Cheetham, Julio Reyes, Candice Bohannon Reyes, Sergio Sanchez, Wayne Johnson, Kevin Llewellyn, Hollis Dunlap, Sonya Palencia, Jeff Nentrup, Jonathan Hart, EL MAC, Natalia Fabia, Korin Faught, Ryan Cheetham, Kate Savage, Eric Pedersen, Marc Trujillo, Johnpaul Altamirano, Stephen Schirle, and Richard Morris.

The self-portrait has been a popular form of expression ever since man first saw his own reflection. Tragic and triumphant, self-portraits can reveal a telling story. From rags to riches, through sickness and health, from youth to old age, we can witness the changing face of an artist. Intrinsically linked to identity, the self-portrait ultimately stands to reveal something deeper about the creator- an exploration of self and an examination of one’s own conscious thoughts and feelings. At times, an artist feels they must repeatedly create a self-portrait in an effort to further research their inner-self and perhaps search for answers within the painted image. Famous painters from Rembrandt to van Gogh have relied on self-portraiture as a method to intensely study the self through art. SELFISH showcases the exploration of self-perception through the medium of painting by twenty-one master painters.

The SELFISH exhibition
Saturday, May 4th, from 6-9 p.m
Katherine Cone Gallery
2673 South La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90034.

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