Show & Tell Gallery Pop Up Print Shop in Toronto

Show & Tell Gallery is set to open a Pop Up Print Shop the first week of October at 107 Shaw Gallery in Toronto. The show will feature affordable screen and lino cut prints from some of North America’s most cutting edge contemporary and street artists including Other, Labrona, Vladimir Kato, Rcade, Cody Hoyt, Alena Skarina, Jamiyla Lowe, Jon Todd, and Nick Fox.

The Pop Up Shop opens on October 1 (7 – 11pm) at 107 Shaw and all the prints will also be listed for sale online at Show & Tell Gallery if you can’t make it out. More details can be found on the Facebook event page here.

The image on the flyer was done by Toronto graffiti artist Rcade and is the original reference for a mural he recently did with DOH crew member Wysper.

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Brian Donnelly @ Show & Tell Gallery

Brian Donnelly is set to open his first major Canadian solo show at Show & Tell Gallery on September 11th.  Titled “Blasphemies, Monstrosities, & Other Perversions” Brian’s new body of work will certainly turn some heads.  Photos from the show will be posted on dailyDuJour so stay tuned…

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Seen: Elicser @ Show & Tell Gallery

Canadian street artist Elicser recently opened his latest show in the project gallery at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto.  You can view the exhibition online (here) and photos from the opening on the gallery flickr page (here) and below.

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Seen: The Kids Are Alright @ Show & Tell Gallery

The Canadian leg of The Kids Are Alright tour opened at Show & Tell Gallery last Friday.  The kids got a great response and the atmosphere was a lot of fun.  You can check out the show on Show & Tell Gallery’s website (here) and more photos from the opening on the gallery’s flickr page (here).

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Openings: Elicser “Keep Going” @ Show & Tell Gallery

Keep Going

And when Going leaves, it’s gone…

Not resting on his laurels, Elicser strives to push ahead.  Already having exhibited in the Royal Ontario Museum in addition to countless art shows across North America, Elicser’s new body of work aims to elevate both with it’s message and it’s style.  Rather than relying on his past achievements, Elicser is approaching this exhibition with fresh eyes, working hard to advance his reputation as one of Canada’s premier and most respected street artists.

“Keep Going” Opens at Show & Tell Gallery on August 14th

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Opening: The Kids Are Alright @ Show & Tell Gallery

Show & Tell Gallery is pleased to welcome “The Kids Are Alright”, an exhibition showcasing a talented group of emerging artists. “The Kids Are Alright” is a five city tour featuring the work from a selection of young artists that have recently graduated or are still attending art school. The tour was designed to give young artists an opportunity to develop their talents while receiving direction and feedback from a curator and several different art galleries.

This international exhibition includes artists from Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, London and hail from some of the top art schools in the world including Otis, Art Center, Sheridan Institute, RISD and Parsons.

Participating artists will have new work at each of the five gallery exhibitions. The tour will premiere at T and P Fine Art (Philadelphia, PA) and make its way to Subtext (San Diego, CA), Black Maria Gallery (Los Angeles, CA), Show & Tell Gallery (Toronto, Canada) and finally stop at London Miles Gallery (London, UK).

TKAA is curated by Beau Basse, owner of LeBasse Projects in Culver City, Los Angeles. His aim in producing the traveling exhibition is to create a platform for young artists to gain experience working with galleries in order to properly prepare them for future success as professional artists.

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Gardens of Misfortune @ Yves Laroche

Jonathan Bergeron (aka Johnny Crap) and Chris Ryniak are set to open a new show titled “Gardens Of Misfortune” at Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal.

This will definitely be a exhibit worth checking out.

Above is a collaborative sculpture they are working on titled “Misfortunate Travelers” and below are some preview image for the show.

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Decimals Rebuilt [416] Toronto

Canadian graffiti artist Mediah is set to open the latest installment of his Decimals Rebuilt project this Saturday (July 11) at F13 Gallery in Toronto.

Check out this great interview Canadian graffiti blog SensesLost recently did with Mediah to get up to speed.

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Get Over It @ Show & Tell Gallery

Check the gallery site/blog for more info:

Show & Tell Gallery

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Seen: Martin Wittfooth & Jon Todd @ Yves Laroche

Better late than never…

Some photos of the opening of “Babylon”, a two person exhibit by Jon Todd and Martin Wittfooth at Yves Laroche Gallery.

The show looked great and there were plenty of red dots, congrats guys!

All the work from the show can be seen on the gallery website.

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Date Farmers Video – A Volta

I don’t know what this is all about, but it could easily be the most awesome thing I have ever seen.  Click the link below (warning might be NSFW).

Date Farmers

Originally seen on David Choe’s blog.

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Preview: “Babylon” Jon Todd & Martin Wittfooth @ Yves Laroche

Yves Laroche Gallery in Montreal is hosting a new exhibit of work from artists Jon Todd and Martin Wittfooth opening next Wednesday.  “Babylon” will feature new work from both artists as well as several collaborative pieces.  Stay tuned to dailyDuJour for photos from the opening…

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Seen: Scott Waters @ LE Gallery

In 2006 Scott Waters went to CFB Gagetown NB as part of The Canadian Forces Artist Program. He was attached to 2RCR as they trained for the bloodied Afghan combat mission. Initially, his focus was on depictions of an infantry unit as an inverted, utopic, (and principally fraternal) community. In the wake of this attachment, however, he became more invested in the contentious issue of how, or whether, military themed art can address the inherent suffering and trauma that war inflicts on all involved.

A working thesis in Trading Greens For Tans is that all images depicting military subjects, no
matter how banal, are about death, destruction and waste. At the same time, no image is
capable of depicting the horrors of war nor is any image fully capable of capturing the sublime
beauty and fraternal intensity of the insular world of combat soldiering.
Scott Waters is a graduate of the Master of Fine Arts Program at York University (2004) and
holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria (1997). From 1989 to 1992 Waters
served as an infantryman in the Third Battalion of Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry,
Bravo “B” Company, stationed in Victoria, British Columbia. In Fall 2006, Cumulus Press
published The Hero Book, a hybrid work including Waters’ drawings, paintings and writing
about his experience in the Canadian Army. Scott Waters thanks The Canadian Forces; The
Directorate of History and Heritage; The Canadian Forces Artist Program (Notably Dr. John
MacFarlane); The Second Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment, and especially India

“My belief is all images addressing military subjects are about death, destruction and waste. It is the purpose and/or by-product of an active combat army. At the same time no image is capable of depicting the horrors of war. It is on the other side of describable. Many artists of many stripes have tried and all have failed. Conversely, if a painting depicts a soldier eating lunch or taking a nap, the unavoidable, abstract conclusion is death, violence and suffering.”

“Trading Greens For Tans” runs until June 28th at LE Gallery

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