Seen: Bumblebee – #Wherewebeelong at Thinkspace

Bumbebee opened his  “#Wherewebeelong” solo in the Thinkspace project room on Saturday evening (6.20). The new work fits the season – warm, colorful, and full of playful energy.  Kids sporting rainbow hues well as black+yellow striped outfits (a beautiful link to his signature characters) relax under the summer sun, cool off at the beach, and generally enjoy the simpler side of life. The work is at once precise and carefree—sharp stencil work conveys an uninhibited sense of exploration and play. The large rainbow-tinged doodle filling an entire wall nicely symbolizes the mood.  Done in Snapchat, the “now you see it, now you don’t”” digital playground of the young and young at heart, the piece captures childhood in an ever more complex world.  If you have a chance to check out the show, be sure to flip through the stack of popsicle pieces on notebook paper, hung casually, clipboard style on the wall.  It’s accessible, honest, fun, and pure Bumblebee.

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