Tristan Eaton’s Dragon Mural in DTLA


Over the course of three days, Tristan Eaton created a bold mural of a five-headed dragon deity on the corner of Traction and 3rd on in Downtown LA.  Painted in vibrant red and orange tones, the dragon features five faces – that of a woman, serpent, owl and two koi fish.  The mystical beast floats through the sky filled with clouds, in the midst of numerous white orbs — ‘embryos’.  Dailydujour dropped by on Sunday, the final day, to check out the final steps  including the intricate line work making the up the fishes’ scales and the final push after sunset which included painting the clouds and the embryos via hand-cut stencils.

This is the first of  many LA murals by Tristan Eaton who will soon be relocating back to LA after a long stint in NYC.  Before he leaves though, he’ll be painting a large-scale mural in Little Italy, the sketch of which is already causing waves with some members of the adjacent  Most Precious Blood Church labeling it as ‘Pagan art’. Regardless of where it ends up, the towering piece will be a fitting goodbye to NYC.

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#1 livia on 04.24.12 at 2:18 pm

Nice Eaton, this is FANTASTIC , i like this beautiful colors, all is beautiful

#2 LA TACO » Tristan Eaton ~ Bloom Square on 08.27.12 at 10:09 am

[...] when it was painted in April, Daily DuJour documented the process. Share the taco:EmailMorePrint Pin ItShare on [...]

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