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On Saturday, the Brazilian twins Os Gemeos, a.k.a. Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, presented “Miss You” at West Hollywood’s Prism Gallery. Dailydujour friend and contributor, Amanda Erlanson, attended the opening and provided this detailed coverage including a full photo gallery.

A two-story extravaganza of color, texture and sensation, the exhibit transformed the gallery completely, transporting an eager crowd of fans into the vivid fantasy world the duo has envisioned together since childhood. Besides dozens of richly hued paintings and several murals, there were a number of installations, beginning with a square floating head in the entryway, which featured a hollow core with a mirrored infinity space inside it. The dimly lit lower floor was embellished by dozens of head-shaped lamps with faces spraypainted on them, some contemplating the various paintings, and others staring toward the sky. A side room was dressed out as a living space, with a bed, refrigerator and assorted bric-a-brac forming the backdrop for a wall-sized interactive screen playing fractal video over which floated square yellow heads which could be grabbed and moved around the screen. Above the staircase, which was graced by a haunting mural of a man clad only in a sequined ski mask reaching out to the endless sky around him, a cascade of ski masks transformed into lamps glowed down upon the proceedings. Upstairs, the entire Pandolfo family was enlisted into the project, with a selection of woven and embroidered pieces created by the twins’ mother, and an evocative array of graphite doodles by their older brother forming the backdrop one of the show’s most compelling pieces, a painting of a smiling boy sinking into a pudding-like sea of heartfelt imagery. The twins themselves sported matching suits with ties and shoes accented by the yellow faces that are emblematic of their paired vision. According to reports, the entire show sold out to a series of high-profile collectors long before the opening, which is not surprising given the consistent quality of their vision and craftsmanship, not to mention the reverence they elicit from their fellow artists.

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