“Innards” coming JUNE 11 to Copro Gallery

Working like crazy getting ready for my next solo show this June.Hope to see you there JUNE 11th!!

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Copro Gallery presents:
Joe Ledbetter
Opening Reception: Saturday June 11, 2011 from 8:00 – 11:30pm
On view June 11 – July 2, 2011
This June, join iconic Los Angeles artist Joe Ledbetter for “Innards,” the highly-anticipated opening of his new body of work. While most of Ledbetter’s previous shows have contained themes or story lines, this show is a departure. Disregarding his past, Ledbetter says he has “erased any self-inflicted boundaries and just let loose.” His most fun, colorful and impressive paintings to date are to be expected in this ambitious show.
Ledbetter is excited to return for his 3rd show at Copro gallery. When asked about the title of the show “Innards,” he explains “the goal of the show is to open up my work and ignore any restrictions. The theme of the show is that it is theme-less. I want to reveal what’s been living inside me for the past year, and I’m ready to spew my guts all over the gallery.”
Open to the public, the reception for “Innards” will take place on Saturday June 11, 2011 from 8 – 11:30pm, and the show will be exhibited until July 2, 2011.

contact Copro Gallery: copronason@msn.com or (310) 829-2156

ABOUT Joe Ledbetter:

Influenced by classic animation, graphic design, and daily life, Joe Ledbetter’s art is… well… a lot of things. Light-hearted in its approach, he often combines cute and cuddly creatures with unfortunate — albeit humorous — situations. With a lean on the subversive and absurd, these scenarios are all too familiar, questioning our tendency of taking life (and ourselves) too seriously.
While working as a graphic apparel artist for three years, Ledbetter got involved in the Los Angeles underground art scene, beginning with group shows like Cannibal Flower. By the summer of 2004, he had honed his trademark visual style of emblematic line-work, vibrant colors, and endearing characters to the point of quitting his day job. With international appeal, he has had numerous solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Taipei, Istanbul, and Amsterdam. His incredible cast of creatures have since been emblazoned on over 100 designer vinyl toys, as well as apparel and lifestyle brands, the world over.

ABOUT Copro Gallery:

Founded In 1991, originally as Copro/Nason Fine Arts began as an entity to curate art exhibitions at museums and local galleries and publish lithograph & silk-screen prints. The first contemporary cutting edge artists that Copro/Nason worked with were Mark Ryden, Robert Williams, Big Daddy Roth, Shag, Pizz, Von Dutch, Coop and many others.
In 1999 Copro/Nason Gallery was opened In Culver City and soon transcended the limits of Lowbrow. By incorporating gothic-inspired visons of fantasy, horror, and surrealistic excesses into an ambitious program, mixing acknowledged masters with newer talents such as Sas Christian, Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Lori Earley and many others Copro/Nason soon began to take shape.


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#1 zero. on 05.13.11 at 8:45 pm

i’m excited to finally see a show. i’ve been dying to see one ever since i first saw your work. i’ve been in la for only a few months and i was able to see two of your pieces in gallery shows (at japanla and the 1988 inle show) but i know those were for something and this is for yourself. truly excited.

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