Studio Visit: Steven Daily on ‘Covenant’ (1.7)


Dailydujour recently had the pleasure to visit Steven Daily’s studio in Hollywood to get a first-hand look and introduction to the ‘Covenant’, which opens on Friday, January 7th 2011 @ La Luz de Jesus.  Upon entering Daily’s apartment/studio, one is immersed in his eclectic and extensive collection of taxidermy and ephemera.  Nestled in between a few mounted heads lies his  ‘Alchemy’ painting, depicting a mythical rendition of a Freemason.   This powerful painting served as the inspiration for Covenant which is the visual manifestation of Daily’s extensive research into the secretive and ultimately dark world of the Freemasons.  Shrouded in speculation, the masons rose to prominence in America during the Revolutionary war and since then have inspired both admiration for their philanthropic efforts and suspicion birthing  a torrent of conspiracy theories.

Sparked by fascination and curiosity, Daily’s research into  Freemasonry revealed a deep, dark order replete with secret rituals, ceremonies as well as the identity of their reclusive true god, Jahbulon.  Through a series of paintings done in acrylic, Daily presents his interpretation of the pillars of Masonry such as the ‘Cable’s Tow’ – the symbol of a first degree Mason, with both an attention to researched detail as well as an intentional distance achieved through a mix of humor and occasional irreverence.    While one might assume that ‘Covenant’ is a tribute to the Freemasons, it is more accurately an exposé of the troubling dark religion which Daily discovered lies beneath the polished and practiced  public face of the secret order.

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#1 Greg on 01.03.11 at 12:11 am

Interesting work, but I wonder, is an expose really whats taking place in the work, or a re-interpretation of iconography and symbolism little understood by most today? But, the cap on the boars head is much more of a statement than artistic license. I’ll have to pop in to La Luz to see it for myself.

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