Seen: Gregory Euclide @ David B. Smith Gallery

Gregory Euclide and gallery owner Dave Smith

Gregory Euclide and gallery owner Dave Smith

My apologies for getting this coverage up so late…  In honor of one of David B Smith’s most ambitious shows yet, I thought I’d try and match it by making this the most ‘ambitious’ show coverage I’ve done. The opening was on Ocotber 23rd, and if you’re in the Denver area this today or tomorrow, (11/14) you can see this incredible show for yourself.

In short, Gregory’s body of work does an amazing job of incorporating a truly visceral mixed media style by using actual nature in his pieces, as well as human’s physical interruption with nature. The show had both framed mixed media cases, (encased in the same clear plastic coating you’d find electronics sold in) and “Capture” pieces which involved pouring a blue resin on the earth, letting it dry and pulling the dirt out with the resin, and building his sculptures from the dried resin.

The big problem facing this coverage was how to give justice to the artwork in 2-d photos. It’s almost a cliche in the art world to say you have to see a piece in person to truly appreciate it, but you’ll never truly take in the full scope of Gregory Euclide’s work without seeing it in person. In an attempt to capture this feel there are multiple angles of different pieces as well as a video of Gregory’s installation piece, “Capture 13;”  an installation that incorporates live sound, unique smells, and an entire room of gravel to create the most visceral experience of Gregory’s. You’ll be able to hear robins chirping in the David B Smith gallery space for a couple months after Gregory’s show ends, as the installation will be kept up for a while.

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