ArtStar Dr. Sketchy’s: A Tribute to David Stoupakis

Recently, Dr. Sketchy’s New York started doing tributes to our favorite artists. These ArtStar Sketchy’s began in Feburary with a tribute to Ron English that got us linked on Arrested Motion and 4chan (probably an internet first!)

On May 9th, we did our second artist tribute, to exquisitely baroque painter David Stoupakis. We constructed a surreal, red ribbon bedecked dreamworld onstage, and Stoupakis’s muse Aprella posed. Aprella even brought along a Stoupakis original!

Photos by Justin Lussier after the jump

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#1 Paigey! on 05.19.09 at 5:57 pm

Ha ha!! Love the one with me eating the cupcake!
And yeah Aprella was frigging awe-inspiring. i sucked on all the short poses cuz I had had to literally stare at her and take in how amazing she looked for a minute before I started. And the ribbon spool in her mouth! Ah!

#2 the Sublime Blog » A Dr. Sketchy Tribute to David Stoupakis on 05.21.09 at 10:11 am

[...] more photos from the exhibit here. Tagged: aprella, art exhibit, art gallery, david stoupakis, dr. [...]

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