Seen: Ed Templeton and Matt Leines @ Roberts and Tilton

Daily D attneded the skater/hipster-fest known as the Ed Templeton opening at Roberts and Tilton. Quite a different crowd than the previous show at the gallery…You know the hipster elite is in attendance when Mark the Cobrasnake is doing coverage.

Matt Leines had a show in the project room, and Templeton’s work filled the front room from nearly floor to ceiling – with photography drawings and a set of huge sculptures. Both Leines and Templeton had a line of kids waiting for signed books and RVCA T-Shirts…

For his show - Map of the Inner War – Templeton saturated the gallery with over 250 new works including painting, sculpture, photography, and works on paper. According to R&T, “Templeton documents his life, and the lives of the people around him, in a rich stream of images – images of himself and his wife, Deanna, in their day-to-day lives, and images of others, at home in Orange County, California or during the many tours he makes as pro-skateboarder and artist.” Certainly an interesting life if judged by the images in his work…

For Matt Leines’ exhibition, The Great Gates of Zenith, he imagined a “futuristic world in which his creatures dwell. The overwhelming theme of “wonder” present throughout is reminiscent of the feelings evoked by scientific advances exhibited at Worlds’ Fairs at the turn of the twentieth century, when people were not yet jaded by such discoveries, and still fascinated by what might lie over the next hill, or who may be encountered down the next alley.” For Daily D, we just loved how the cutout images reminded us of the puppets we had as children.

For more info visit: Roberts and Tilton.

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hi, nice show!

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