Beyond Baby Tattooville


Saturday night at Baby Tattooville was all about the Beyond Baby Tattooville art show reception at the Riverside Art Museum.  Attendees and participants made the 2-block trek to the show which showcases the work of artists from both years of Baby Tattooville. There was also a special show within a show featuring art for sale from this year’s featured artists. Event attendees had the opportunity to purchase these pieces before the general public.

Beyond Baby Tattooville offers a compelling and fairly broad representation of low brow / post surrealism and is the start of an important collaboration between the annual event and the museum.  Both able bodied and the slightly injured (Tim Biskup was nursing a sore ankle after a slight mishap) unwound after a day full of demos, show and tell, and casual interaction between collectors and artists.    Enjoy our coverage of the show after the jump.

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#1 priority on 10.08.08 at 1:25 pm

did you take ANY images of the actual attendees? other than people that just happen to be there when you take a photo of an artwork? no section for the event photos?

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