Baby Tattooville Art Jam Wrap-Up


If there’s one event that symbolizes Baby Tattooville it’s the Art Jam which involves collaborative work from all of the artists across nearly the entire duration of the event.  The joy of the Jam is as much about the spontaneity and ever-changing landscape of the piece as it is about the finished result. After dinner, the artists had one thing in mind – The Art Jam.   The hard-deadline for completion was 10:30 PM – after that the printers needed to whisk the piece away to begin the time-intensive process of scanning the piece and producing a limited-edition print for the attendees in roughly 12 short hours (the medium has not been announced though rumors are swirling).

While the piece had largely taken form prior to the last few hours, a growing huddle of artists continued to refine and add subtle touches.  In particular Bob Dob seemed to agonize over his second main contribution to the piece – an adolescent linked to the brain of the large gray bird (done by Ana Bagayan).  He continued to tweak the shading looking to get it just right.  Additionally, Joe Ledbetter gamely stepped in to perform reconstructive surgery on an unfinished area left by another artist  which was located almost directly in the middle of the piece.  As time got short, a blow-dryer was sought and delivered to speed up the process.

Just after 10:30 PM the Art Jam piece was done and ready for transport to the printers.  Just before that happened though, the artists posed proudly with their joint work.


#1 ally on 10.05.08 at 5:12 pm

looks like a beautiful collab piece!!!!

#2 richie on 10.27.08 at 1:51 pm

I think the picture is first class. Also, i like the fact Glenn Barr is using his older style.

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