Baby Tattooville Art Jam Print


After the Baby Tattooville artists finished under deadline at 10:30 PM Saturday night, the truly dedicated guys at Paper or Plastik proceeded to take possession of the canvas and then work throughout the night on a limited edition giclee on canvas. Mission accomplished – the prints (18” x 24”) were distributed to attendees Sunday at noon.

Since there’s so much going on in this collaborative piece, we’ve broken it down into several detail shots – where possible we’ve identified the artists behind the primary work in each shot.


#1 derrick (Paper or Plastik) on 10.06.08 at 11:33 am

it’s actaully paper or plastik. plastik with a “k”. i forgot to mention that.

#2 Jack on 10.06.08 at 12:15 pm

Hey Derrick. Thanks, fixed. Great job on the prints.

#3 » Baby Tattooville Art Jam Print on 10.07.08 at 2:00 am

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#4 Andy on 10.07.08 at 9:16 am

this is easily the most fun art event i have ever been to.

#5 linda on 05.24.09 at 8:39 am

I really looked like it. There should be more every where. but at different Seasons.NOT many MORE,over kill the concept..BUT HEY it looks like so much fun!.

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